Top 3 Hiking Essentials: What to Wear on a Hiking Trail

Top 3 Hiking Essentials: What to Wear on a Hiking Trail

When it comes to hiking, there are a few clothing basics you will need to bring so you can be prepared to have the best experience. The three main hiking essentials you must have are sun shirts, sturdy pants, and hiking boots. So, before immediately searching for a ‘hiking trail near me’, consider purchasing these hiking essentials. Here’s what you need to know about hiking apparel and when to wear it.

Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) Clothing

Whether hiking during the summer or winter, UPF clothing is always a hiking essential. UPF clothing can protect your skin from the sun’s UV rays and lower your risk of skin cancer. This is because they are made from a fabric that protects against ultraviolet radiation. Not only is UPF clothing made with a specific material, but it is also woven in a way that the sunlight cannot reach through to your skin.

People who are commonly outdoors should always wear UPF clothing, especially if the hiking trails near you are in deserts or particularly hot locations. You can purchase UPF clothing in short sleeve shirts, long sleeve shirts, jackets, or even pants.


Sturdy Hiking Pants

Investing in sturdy hiking pants is another hiking essential. Hiking pants should be breathable, flexible, and comfortable. There are plenty of hiking places that have lots of twists and turns that can make it difficult to move around in regular pants. Sturdy hiking pants are also a necessity since regular pants can rip or tear on rocks or trees. Even if you don’t typically like to wear hiking pants, women and men usually keep an extra pair of pants in their hiking pack. This is an essential precaution since hiking is such vigorous activity.


Hiking boots

Many hiking trails are full of rough terrain and uneven grounding, so it is important to be ready with hiking boots. Hiking boots will protect your feet from sharp objects, cactus spikes, or even bugs or reptiles that may try to bite you. You may also want to choose your hiking boots depending on where you are hiking. If you find hiking spots near you with plenty of waterfalls and wet ground, you may always want to consider buying waterproof hiking boots. Waterproof hiking boots can make hiking a more comfortable experience since your feet won’t get wet and cold.


Enjoy the best hiking with the simplest and lightest outfits and equipment. Click for more styles of clothing you need.