The Benefits of Navskin Clothing

The Benefits of Navskin Clothing

For people who live an active, outdoor lifestyle, finding the perfect clothing for the next adventure is extremely important. Ideal activewear has you prepared for any weather and activity, all well feeling comfortable and looking great.



Factors to Consider Before Choosing Clothing For Hiking



Having well designed clothing that has both form and function is what separates certain activewear from the rest of the pack. Every part of outdoor wear should serve a functional purpose.



Beyond keeping us warm or cool, and protecting us from the elements, a key aspect of clothing that people look for is how the clothes look! You don’t need to give up style for functionality with activewear.



Another big factor when looking for the perfect clothing is the price. Clothing is an industry where many brands are simply overpriced, and many of the cheaper brands lack the quality necessary for an active lifestyle.



Different situations call for different materials. Sometimes you need to keep warm and repel water, in other conditions, staying cool and protected from the sun is crucial.  Clothing that can bridge the gap between different conditions is important for active wear.


Brand awareness

More than ever, it is important for brands to be sustainable, ethically sourced, and deliver a high quality, affordable product to their consumers.



About Naviskin Clothing


Naviskin is a high quality and affordable active wear brand that offers a wide variety of men and women’s clothing that will make sure you are prepared for the outdoors. From water resistant and insulated clothing for the wet and cold, to lightweight and breathable options for the heat and sun, Naviskin has stylish and functional clothing for anyone, anywhere.



Shop Naviskin


Naviskin’s new line of clothing offers a variety of different choices for men and women looking to make the most of their next adventure.



Shop New Arrivals for Men


  • Men’s Outdoor Cargo Jogger Pants

A quick-drying, moisture-wicking base layer to stay cool and dry on the go.

  • Men’s Outdoor Cargo Hiking Shorts

Feel ease under the sun, these lightweight trail shorts will give all the comfort and flexibility necessary for the trail.

  • Men's Packable Rain Jacket

A breathable yet water-resistant outer layer to keep you sheltered from the elements.

  • Men’s Classic Print Short Sleeve Tee

A super soft & lightweight base layer perfect to to wear by itself or with multiple layers.

  • Men’s Classic Solid Cotton Polo Shirt

A high quality polo shirt made with moisture-wicking material that will keep you comfortable and stylish on your next adventure.


Shop New Arrivals for Women


  • Women’s Quick-Drying Sun Protecting Shirt

A quick-drying and lightweight look in a classic style that will keep you comfortable and protected from harmful UV rays.

  • Women’s Lightweight Cargo Pants

Lightweight yet rugged cargo pants to keep you comfortable and well equipped on the trails.

  • Women’s Lightweight Windbreaker Wind Jacket

Perfect for a range of conditions, this lightweight windbreaker meets a variety of needs and accommodates any conditions you may encounter.

  • Women’s Patchwork Tank Top

The stylish stretch comfort tank top serves as the perfect base layer with its moisture wicking capabilities.

  • Women’s Lightweight Shorts

These lightweight shorts will keep you cool on the trail, and their perfect fit will ensure you stay comfortable and stylish on your next hike.


My Hiking Experience Wearing Naviskin


It was one of those cold, foggy mornings that look like something out of a movie as I drove to the trailhead of Old Rag mountain, an iconic destination for hikers in the Blue Ridge mountains. My car was covered in frost, and I could still see my breath despite the sun beginning to rise. As I started up the steep trail, it began to drizzle, but my packable rain jacket and outdoor cargo joggers that I had actually slept in kept me warm and dry. An hour or so into my journey up the mountain, the sun had fully risen, the fog had broken, and the temperature was rising. The breathability of my rain jacket kept me from breaking a sweat, even after an hour of hiking. By the time I came to the rock-scrambling portion of the hike, the sun was high in the sky and the temperature had reached 20 degrees above when I had set out. I zipped off my rain jacket to just wear my quick dry 50+ long sleeve shirt. After I left the cover of the trees, my long-sleeved shirt still protected my skin from the sun while still letting me feel the breeze at the top of the mountain. When I reached the summit, I took in spectacular views in every direction, and savored the experience over lunch. Thanks to my choice of wearing Naviskin activewear, my hike was comfortable and I was prepared for all the changes in weather on my Virginia hike.