For Your Next Trip, Whether Adventurous or Not, Here are 5 Items to Shop For

For Your Next Trip, Whether Adventurous or Not, Here are 5 Items to Shop For


Now that summer has arrived, and travel plans are in full swing, we at Naviskin have created a collection of durable, breathable, and high-quality clothing options you’ll want to wear regardless of the heat or activity you have planned. Our versatile and affordable selection is sustainably made to help your clothes last through the years while keeping the original shape and feel. We even source our materials specifically so as to keep you cool and comfortable while not weighing you down as you move throughout the day in the sunlight. In today’s blog, we’ll highlight 5 items for both men and women from our shop that are pieces you’ll want to wear whether you’re out for a hike, a bike ride, or just running errands.  

  1. Women’s Lightweight Shorts – These breathable everyday shorts are the perfect pair of shorts to wear on a hot summer day whether on a hiking trail or running around the city. They’re lightweight, quick-drying and keep you cool on the go. They come with pockets and help protect you from UV rays with UPF 40+ materials. The equivalent for men would be Lightweight Running Shorts, which are also made with lightweight and stretchy fabric for the most comfort whether jogging, biking, or walking.


  1. Fleece Yoga Leggings with Zip Pocket – These flexible women’s leggings are created with soft-brushed fabric that helps to lock in warmth without the heavy weight of material on your skin. The fabric also works to lift moisture away from the skin to create drier comfort for your legs. These pants come with pockets on the side and a zippered pocket on the back for extra storage. For men, the best option would be Fleece Lined Running Tight pants that work with moisture the same way as the women’s do. You also get a zippered pocket for storage with this clothing piece too.



  1. Naviskin Quick Dry UPF 50+ Long sleeve Shirt – Whether you’re looking to lock in heat or you’re needing a shirt to cover all bases and keep you safe from the sun, this is a great long-sleeve option for outdoor wear. Our fabric blocks harmful rays from the sun while allowing you to freely move with wide range of motion and minimal chafing. For women, the most similar option would be the Naviskin Thermal Fleece Half Zip Shirt. While there’s not a UV block with this shirt for women, everything else is the same including the soft-brushed fabric, raglan sleeves with optimum range of motion, and even a zip-side seam pocket.


  1. Women’s Quick-Drying Sun Protection Shirt –This shirt comes in 3 different colors and is the perfect option for a day with friends or a travel day. The long-sleeve button-up will also help protect you from UV rays as well as helping you to stay cool and dry even with the long-sleeve style. For men, the UPF 50+ Long Sleeve Fishing Shirt is the next best thing. It comes in 10 different colors and can be worn for an outing or as active wear inside or outside.


  1. Women’s Lightweight Windbreaker Rain Jacket – Perfect for running a trail or avoiding getting rained on, this windbreaker is incredibly lightweight and water-resistant. It comes with an adjustable hood and has a zip closure on the placket and pockets. It will also help protect you from the sun with the UPF40+ fabric. Naviskin Packable Hideaway Hood Raincoat is the best option for men when it comes to a breathable and water-resistant windbreaker.